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Feed fawls

  • Kumba, Cameroon
  • 6 month(s) ago

CFA 1,000


Palm Oil, Grade A (Head Oil)

  • Limbe, Cameroon
  • 7 month(s) ago

CFA 900


Dry and fresh snails

  • Buea, Cameroon
  • 9 month(s) ago

CFA 20,000

Feed Mill kumba

  • Kumba, Cameroon
  • 6 month(s) ago

CFA 2,000

Cocoa dealer

  • Kumba, Cameroon
  • 6 month(s) ago

CFA 50

Cocoa Beans supply

  • Kumba, Cameroon
  • 6 month(s) ago

CFA 100,000

Cocoa supply

  • Kumba, Cameroon
  • 6 month(s) ago

CFA 180,000

Fawl for sell, fresh meat

  • Kumba, Cameroon
  • 6 month(s) ago

CFA 5,000

Nails farming Training Center

  • Kumba, Cameroon
  • 6 month(s) ago

CFA 300

Snails farming

  • Kumba, Cameroon
  • 6 month(s) ago

CFA 1,000

Unripe plantains

  • Tiko, Cameroon
  • 9 month(s) ago

CFA 3,000

Dry and fresh snails

  • Douala
  • 9 month(s) ago

CFA 10,000

Palm oil

  • Kompina, Cameroon
  • 10 month(s) ago

CFA 17,500

Palm plantation

  • 362 Rue Joffre, Douala, Cameroon
  • 10 month(s) ago

CFA 7,500,000

Animal food

  • 4J2P+23V Marché de Ndobo, Bonabéri, Cameroon
  • 10 month(s) ago

CFA 20,000


  • 3MH2+38H, Bonabéri, Cameroun
  • 10 month(s) ago

CFA 1,000


Welcome to Fabilive, a modern website that supports Cameroonian farmers, agricultural enterprises, and agri-enthusiasts with free farm classifieds. We aim to create a vibrant agricultural community by providing easy networking, buying, and selling opportunities. Fabilive is your one-stop shop whether you're an experienced farmer, a newbie to agriculture, or someone passionate about sustainable farming methods.

The Purpose and Benefits of Free farm classifieds

At Fabilive, we aim to create an inclusive space that revolutionizes how farmers and agri-enthusiasts interact. Our platform serves multiple purposes:

a.Shared interests: Fabilive brings together a varied group of people with a shared interest in agriculture. It connects farmers, agricultural businesses, and enthusiasts. This platform offers the perfect setting for networking and collaboration through farm classified ads, whether you want to contact other farmers, agribusinesses, or hobbyists.

b. Facilitating the Exchange of Agricultural Goods and Services: Fabilive provides a complete marketplace with a wide range of agri classifieds, agricultural goods, and services. You may discover everything you need to improve your rural endeavors, from essential farm equipment to luxury animals and crops.

c. Building a Community of Support to Promote Farming Success: Success in agriculture results from the information you acquire and the connections you make. With the help of Fabilive, you may connect with people, exchange experiences, and grow together.

Buying on Fabilive

The great selection of agriculture classified ads offered by Fabilive in Cameroon is outstanding.

A wide selection of top-notch agricultural equipment, such as tractors, ploughs, harvesters, irrigation systems, and more, are available for viewing. You may improve production and efficiency on your farm with the aid of these instruments.

a. Livestock: Locate a wide variety of wholesome livestock, including cows, chickens, goats, and other farm animals. Fabilive is the best location to find high-quality livestock, whether growing your herd or launching a new business.

c. Seeds and Seedlings: Pick from a large selection of quality seeds and seedlings to grow the best crops. For a good harvest, our platform offers access to high-quality sources.

d. Produce: Searching for agricultural items like fresh fruits, veggies, or other produce through agriculture classified ads is more straightforward. By buying their products directly from the growers, you can support regional farmers and businesses using Fabilive.

The Benefits of Buying Through the Platform

You obtain several benefits by utilizing Fabilive, an agriculture classified ads website to meet your agricultural needs:

a. A wide range of agricultural items are available from different merchants, providing you with additional possibilities to pick from.

b. Direct Communication with vendors: Get specific product information directly from vendors, haggle over prices, and ask any questions.

c. Support Local Agriculture: By using our platform to make purchases, you can help out small local companies and farmers, supporting the expansion of Cameroon's agriculture industry.

Selling on Fabilive

If you're a farmer or an agricultural business owner in Cameroon, Fabilive offers a great chance to present your goods and services to a specific clientele. Here are some reasons to think about selling on our platform:

Build a seller profile that showcases your knowledge, agricultural methods, and product quality. a. Create a seller profile and showcase your expertise. This builds trust with potential customers.

b. Promote Farm Products, animals, and Services: To draw in new clients, include your farm products, animals, seeds, equipment, or agricultural services with thorough descriptions and appealing photographs.

C. Reach a Targeted Audience: With a particular focus on agriculture, Fabilive ensures that your ads are seen by those genuinely interested in agricultural goods and services.

The Advantages of Selling Through the Platform

Farmers and agricultural enterprises may gain from selling on Fabilive in several ways:

a.Expanded Market Reach and Visibility: Reach a wider audience of potential customers throughout Cameroon to increase your chances of purchasing. a. Expanded Market Reach and Visibility.

b. Direct Interaction with Interested Buyers: Contact potential customers directly to establish rapport, respond to inquiries, and inspire trust in your goods and services.

c. No Listing Fees or Hidden Charges: Fabilive, unlike conventional advertising platforms, provides free listings and transparent transactions, making it an affordable option for marketing your goods and services.
Connecting with Agri-Enthusiasts

The chance to interact with other agri-enthusiasts is one of the most beneficial features of Fabilive. Join our forums and communities for agriculture to:

a. Share your knowledge and experiences: Share yours by participating in debates, imparting your knowledge of farming, reading ag classified ads, and learning from the experiences of others in your community.

b. Establish Meaningful ties with Like-Minded others: Establish deep ties with others who share your enthusiasm for agriculture to foster future collaboration or collaborations.

c. Work together on projects: Identify suitable partners for joint ventures or other initiatives that might give life to creative ideas.

More than simply an online marketplace, Fabilive is a vibrant community that celebrates the agricultural culture of Cameroon. Joining our platform gives you access to many free agriculture classifieds, agricultural goods, a network of encouraging agri-enthusiasts, and the opportunity to increase your farming success.

Fabilive is your entry point to a prosperous agricultural future, whether you're a farmer looking for the best items for your fields or an agri-entrepreneur wanting to increase your market.

Join us now and become a part of the agricultural revolution in Cameroon. Happy farming and networking!